Bravis Agency | Shopper Marketing
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Shopper Marketing

We work to create and execute 360 degree integrated marketing platforms through traditional, digital, social and experiential marketing to deliver target sales and share goals while increasing brand awareness.



Insight Driven Strategy


If you aim at nothing, you will hit it 100% of the time.  That is why everything that we do starts with a strong foundation based on insights and an evaluation of the current landscape.  We work to understand a brands national and regional strategy, what their competitors are doing in the same space, how shoppers and consumers shop and use those brands and what the retailer is doing in that category.   Marketing at the right time, in the right place and to the right person is how we build our strategy.


Shopper-Centric Marketing Platforms


Every day, how consumers use products, and the way that they shop changes.  We create go-to-market strategies that reach, engage, sell and retain shoppers.  Reaching them where and how is the most impactful for them.  Engaging them in meaningful ways that resonate with their want/need state and usage occasions.  Selling them at the point of purchase and retaining them as return purchasers and brand advocates. We create brand relationships.


360 Shopper POS Programs


The shopper journey is longer than ever, and we know that reaching consumers and shoppers at all different touch points is vital to the effectiveness of what we do.  Every marketing platform that we develop takes into account the variety of medias for pre-shop from digital, social, print and radio, to in-store, in-department and at-shelf in-store visibility. If we miss her on the web, we’ll talk to her in her favorite magazine, or on the tv in her favorite retailer.


Best-in-Class Production and Execution


Strategic marketing platforms don’t drive sales without efficient production and execution.  With a fully functional production house under this roof, we deliver best in class production with execution that can’t be beat.  Connecting the lines of communication between client, account service, creative, production and execution is the key to increasing efficiency and minimizing error.  We are a well-oiled machine that literally watches it come off the printer, can turn production runs out quickly……and get it into stores.


Complete Program Analysis and Evaluation


Understanding the outcome of what we do is important to every member of our team.  Did it drive sales? Garner impressions? Secure future merchandising? Steal share from the competitors? And most importantly, should we do it again?  These are all questions that we ask and answers that we find for platforms that we build.  We don’t want to just be executioners for our clients. We are thinkers, and part of being a thinker is learning from what you are doing, celebrating and repeating successes and finding the opportunity areas in things that could be better.